About the Artist

Becca Bastian Lee is a Baltimore, Maryland based painter, photographer and creator.  She attended the Maryland Institute College of Art from 2004-2008, graduating with a BFA in Illustration and a minor in Art History.  Since then, she has taken on various jobs including toy designer, children’s book illustrator, and high end photography editor.  Through all this, she continues to draw and paint in her “free time”.  She lives with her husband, Andy, and their feline children.  The support of her family means the world to her.

My first piece of advice is this: Ignore all advice. In my experience, most interesting art gets made by people who don’t know the rules and have no idea that certain things simply aren’t done: so they do them. Transgress. Break things. Have too much fun.
— Neil Gaiman

About the Art

Becca creates colorful, abstracted compositions influenced by the patterns in nature and the world around us - those that are hidden by the mundane objects we see at first glance.  She takes the beauty that she perceives and transforms it into tangible works of art that others can see and appreciate.

She loves the smell of wet paint and exploring new techniques and media.  She is learning, always learning - and especially enjoys being in the company of other artists while she learns!  Community is key when it comes to art.