On Inauguration Day, 2017

Today, my art is my voice.  As a person with multiple chronic illnesses and physical disability (We'll go into that more in a later post), I am unable to participate in the big march in DC, or in the myriad of other marches that have sprung up in my area.  I had to tell a very excited friend who had decided to go last minute to the Women's March in Annapolis that my body just couldn't handle the combination of the cold, the walking & standing for long periods, and the crowds today.  I didn't want to be a burden or a liability to my friends when my heart went bananas or my hip gave out.

But that's ok.  Because I know my friend will be carrying my name in her heart - and because I am sitting here in my studio speaking through my art.  I am creating work for a charitable project that will help fund the fight to end domestic violence against women.  I am watching my sisters gather together in DC and elsewhere with pride.

Today, my art is my voice.